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Dog Services

Essential pet care services available to help keep your dog happy and in a tip top healthy condition.

Services available

Clipping & Styling

Professional highly skilled groomers, clip, style and groom to breed standard or to your specific requirements. Using styling and clipping techniques, with hand scissoring for that final style and finish. Clipping can sometimes be a kinder pain free way of removing matted hair. We offer Dog bathing. Shampoo massage. Blow dry, grooming removing dead fur formatting clipping and scissored styles.

Hand Stripping

This technique will thin, style and shape your dogs coat. Whether its a preferred style or for showing your dog. Our experts will hand strip to encourage a natural look. Kindness in this procedure is adhered to, giving breaks to your pet if needed. Hand stripping removes dead hair from the roots allowing new healthy hair to come through.

Ears Cleaned

We will always check your dogs ears to see if they need cleaning. This can be done by plucking the fur in certain breeds and using specialist ear solution. Not keeping up with cleaning ears can result in ear infection, ear mites and a trip to the vets. We check for fleas ticks thorns or any abnormality. Common breeds prone to ear infections are, Spaniels, Tibetan Terriers Schnauzers, Shih Tzu, Lhasa Aso Bearded Collies, Yorkshire Terriers, Labradors/Retrievers.

Nails Clipped

Nails, Dew Claws & Pads. We will check for any damage and ensure nails are at a manageable length. Over grown nails can lead to health issues. Split nails can cause pain along with ripping nails off when getting snagged in carpets. Keeping up with long nails helps keep the quicks/veins at a decent length which helps avoid bleeding if they are neglected. We offer this service as standard.

In the news

Tender Loving Care For Your Dog

The process of grooming is an essential and important part of the pet care process and over recent years the demand for professional pet grooming specialists has increased dramatically.

We spoke to Buffy Nash, owner and founder of Blooming Grooming, who told us just why her studio is becoming so popular and the importance of her essential pet care service. She told us that all well cared for pets need to be effectively groomed at least once every two months, to help preserve, not only the health of your dog but to enhance and maintain your dogs natural beauty. I can help by providing this necessary grooming service.

All dogs who enter my studio receive kind and gentle handling, and that dogs are groomed to breed standards, although it still remains a bespoke service tailored towards the owner's specifications.

Buffy added: "It is nice that I am now well and truly established within the local area, with the majority of my customers either satisfied return customers, or new customers to whom I have been recommended. It seems the word is spreading and my dog grooming services are becoming hugely popular".

It is worthy of note that the dogs seem pleased with the results too :)

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