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Dog Studio Virtual Tour

Have a look around the premises and see some of our clients pets being trimmed and brushed in the studio.

Client Testimonials

Just a word to tell the world but seriously all the dog owners round Somerset - and the word is BRILLIANT!! Almost tens years ago I found Blooming Grooming and met Buffy; the best dicovery ever made (apart from finding out how good it is to own a well groomed dog!) I can't say enough about the quality of care shown by Buffy and her team - the skill, craftmanship and attention to detail really is brilliant. Me and my dog ... (Tibetan Terrior) always recommend a visit to the studio to find out first hand (or paw) how good it is.
Helen and Tashi
I've been taking my dog Humf (Shih-Tzu) for several years now to the lovely team at BloominG Grooming. Humf always looks like a brand new 'teddy bear' when he comes out to the 'koo' and adoration of passers by. The team are very professional and friendly. Would recommend you book in advance as they are booked up most of the time.
Sharon Carlin
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